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Weight Loss Nottingham

Is it time to get into shape? have you been putting it off for a very long time? well have a strong track record for helping females get healthy & Lose fat just like you in a few weeks...

Book in for your FREE Phone call Consultation & Application call with Coach Martin Gooden on 07971312690 to book your 6 minute slot

Hey thanks for dropping in on Nottingham’s Woman’s Weight Loss Academy, chances are your may be a little fed up of how you think feel and look are YOU

  • Fed up of feeling Sluggish, tired, and lacking in energy?
  • Did you wake up this morning feeling fed up about how you look and how much you have struggled to reduce your Weight in the present or maybe the past?
  • Do you think the scales are not working right when you step on them and you are constantly in denial of the fact that your weight is  going up? and Never coming down? And this has put you into high Stress mode, and then you start comfort eating, and this make’s you put on even more weight.
  • Are you struggling to fit into you’re old clothes in your Wardrobe that you know used to fit that you that you would love to get back into again? The chances are if you have read this far, you may need  help and would like it fast.
  • Offended when you catch your Partner looking at another women, deep inside you know this SHIT hurts
  • Just not as fit as how you used to be and HATE going the gym alone

I can Promise you that I can solve this weight loss problem for you, if you have thought of your-self fitting into  those clothes having more energy and losing a stone, give me 4 weeks with You  and you will be losing unwanted inches around key areas of your body, feeling  great, without you feeling tired, lifeless, grumpy and intimidated, oh also without taking any Chemical laboratory weight loss pills, in fact Nottingham’s Woman’s weight loss academy is so powerful you may never take any more weight  loss products that have made big claims and delivered nothing ever again.

I understand  that woman’s Weight loss Academy is not for  everyone, and to be upfront and honest we don’t take on everyone one, the reason for  this is we only work with women who are ready to take action on lifestyle,  nutrition, exercise and other factors that will make a huge difference, we don’t coach  everyone. This is a Coaching Program that will get you RESULTS  without intimidation.


  • Keep wasting time and money buying gadgets and weight loss Pills off QVC that clearly don’t work
  • Keep going slimming clubs that are still not give you the results you want.
  • you can keep attending your health Club pay expensive membership fees and FAIL as  you don’t know what to do and Don’t get any support or Motivation No Purpose.
  • Keep on doing endless Group exercise classes and still never change shape
  • Take advise from a badly informed text book Just qualified Trainer or take advise from a Passionate Health & Fitness expert with 26 years of Proven Results who Guarantees & cares about your Success.


  • Make  a change to how your clothes fit you, the dial on the scales, Your energy levels, your loved ones and more  importantly YOU, and never be miserable, lack confidence, feel worthless again.



  • 24 Hour support on the Woman’s weight loss academy membership site
  • 8 Life Changing Personal weight loss coaching Sessions in a Private health club
  • Two Personal weight loss sessions Per week
  • Personal attention as I work with Small Groups so you get full attention
  • An easy to follow four week woman’s weight loss academy nutritional plan that will give you more life, Vitality and weight loss.
  • Acountability and calls to action for high Motivation
  • Live Internet Presentations for Motivation and Education on weight loss & Fat loss
  • Support & Guidance online & offline from a coach who cares about getting you RESULTS
  • Lots of Added Bonuses that you will be happy to get, that I keep a secret from you


  • Do you need the  woman’s weight loss Academy to guide you so in four weeks time you will be a dress size smaller, lighter, as I am sure this would change your life and make you feel better.
  • What is going to stop you from doing the woman’s weight loss academy in the next four weeks?
  • Such is this, that I offer a guarantee with this.
  • If you follow the woman’s academy system and don’t drop a dress size or lose a stone, I Will give you your money back. (Providing you have done every thing the coach asks)
  • PS: If you don’t join the Woman’s weight loss academy you may feel the same and continue looking the same.
  • I am pretty emotional when I say this to YOU Don’t make the next 30 days be the same as the last 30 days, you deserve more

When I totaled the true Value of the four week Academy Program it came to this


But I am nice and I am putting a nice Line across this


Plus I know at the Moment with the economic climate things are tough

I am not doing for half of this either


As I want to help a bunch of forward thinking Women who really want to make a difference too how they THINK-FEEL & LOOK

£97 Yes that’s right for one month, you’ll get Personal Training results

for much less cost. 

Advice Book early to as Spaces are limited

YOU CAN JOIN THE Woman’s Weight Loss Academy Today !! 


Need more information before you sign up Contact 07971312690

To sign up and Make that Change click on the Below Link

contact 07971312690 for more information and to get booked on….

Sessions Take Place on a Tuesday & Thursday 6-6.45 am

Tuesday & Thursday Lunch time 12.30 pm-1.15pm

or Evening option Monday & Wednesday  6pm-6.45 pm

You Must select either one of the Morning, lunch & Evening groups.